CANCERS (Posted on 14 July 2013)

The following cancers are curable in CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY :

1) Breast Cancer
2) Lung Cancer
3) Cancer of pylorus
4) Cancer of skin
5)Cancer of womb
6) Cancer of the liver.
7) Rectal cancer
8) Cancer of uterus
9) Cancer of pancreas
10) Cancer of tongue
11) Cancer of stomach
12) Epithelial cancer
13) Cancers of GLANDS
14) Cancer of bladder
15) Cervical Cancer
16) TUMORS in general including brain tumors

NOTE: Pain management of terminal cancer patients is far superior and effective in  CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY  than in conventional medicine.


(a) The treatment should start preferably before (i) Stage IV of the cancer i.e before metastasis begins; (ii) administration of steroids (iii) any surgery of cancerous part (iv) Radio or Chemo therapy (v) before Lymphoma sets in..

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