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From the perusal of case files of cancer patients who underwent Chemo/Radio therapies and surgeries; in majority of stage III or stage IV cases, it has been observed that the tumors resurface at the same site or elsewhere and thus the said procedures are only temporary and suppressive. In the terminal stages pain control is better in classical homoeopathy rather than in conventional medicine as per our experience.

Principles of taking treatment recommended for patients in classical Homoeopathy:

General Principles:

1)  Self medication is dangerous in any system of medicine that is very common in some of the asian countries. Some believe that since there would be no side effects in taking homoeopathic medicines, homoeopathic medicines can be taken at free will. This is a wrong approach. Though there are no side effects in taking homoeopathic medicines, the outcome of taking medicines in classical homoeopathy in terms of getting relief of disease symptoms depends upon the sequence of medicines taken that is generally known as protocol by homoeopathic physicians. Hence self medication is dangerous sometimes.

2) There are a number of homoeopathic forums on the web on which free advice is given even for serious dreaded diseases like cancers. Giving advice is not wrong. But following such advice and self medication without the supervision and interaction of patient with an experienced homoeopathic physician is wrong.

3)  Unlike in conventional medicine (Allopathy) that is universally accepted as the first destination for the treatment of any dreaded disease. Organ or location based treatment is not done in classical homoeopathy. The homoeopathic medicines influence the destabilized areas of physiology and pathology in a human body or for that matter in a living body to bring them back to normal and strengthen the human vital force that is undetectable by our modern science.    

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Principles of treatment for CANCER patients in classical Homoeopathy:-

1)  The chances of recovery or to become normal, in case of a cancer patient depends upon the cancer stage at which the classical homoeopathic treatment is started. The best results are possible if the classical homoeopathic treatment starts before any surgery for cancerous tumor removal and chemotherapy/radiotherapy. Preferably before the process of  metastasis begins (Mostly Stage IV cancers).

2) Even in the classical homoeopathy, it is recommended that the TNM classification of tumor should be done before commencement of classical homoeopathic treatment.

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Studies indicate Cancers and Tumors are curable in Homeopathy :-

1)  In the "International Journal of Oncology, 2003" it has been reported that certain cancers have been cured in Homoeopathy.

2) In the "Oncology Reports, 2008" it has been reported that certain cancers have been cured with homoeopathic medicines. 

     A large number of cases treated in homoeopathy go unreported to the scientific world due to a variety of reasons.

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